Celebrity Stylist & Designer Raquel Smith Launches “KidRaq” Luxury Eye-Wear


Behind every fashionable celebrity is a stylist who works diligently to curate a star’s  look into one masterpiece.  Raquel Smith has worked behind the scenes for many years and given us  memorable iconic fashion moments with Beyonce.  Raquel along with Fashion Director, Ty Hunter has been serving us looks for over a decade plus.  But in addition to being a stylist Raquel is also a visionary and business woman who is building her own empire.



Utilizing her innate creative gifts Raquel has evolved into becoming a  Jewelry Designer, Motivational speaker and most of all a loving mother. Being a mother to her son Caleb and an aunt helped ignite Raquel’s vision to launch a  luxury kids eye-wear collection, KidRaq. Raquel was additionally inspired  by Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy to create an eye-wear collection that allows kids to be just as fashionable as their parents.



“The idea of a  luxury eye-wear collection  for kids came to me very  naturally. When I was styling my client, Beyoncé I saw that there was a market for mother and daughter styles and fathers and sons as well.  When I would be styling Beyoncé , Blue would also love putting on the glasses.  So from there the vision came to me that this was needed. Also my son Caleb and my niece  helped inspire me.  They would always grab my sunglasses when playing but the glasses would be too big for them of course.  This generation of kids now are more fashionable than when we were growing up so its the perfect time,” shared Raquel.  We had the opportunity to get to know Raquel a little better as Abesi sat down with the Stylist, Designer and Entrepreneur.  Check out part 1 of our Q and A with Raquel Smith.



What is your motto:

Never give up on your dreams.

How would you describe yourself:

I would describe myself as a loving, compassionate and powerful Child of God, trying to make the best use of her gifts, talent, skills, and abilities.


What has been the hardest sacrifice in your success?

I don’t know that I would characterize it as a sacrifice, but I do wish that I had more time to spend with my son and the rest of my family. For the most part, I see my time away from them as what it takes to lay a solid foundation on which we can maximize our time together in the future. And whenever we are together, it’s all about the quality of the experience… not the quantity of hours.

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Article by: Think Pynk