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Providing high-quality eyewear


Eye Candy Creations has been providing high-quality eyewear to the Motion Picture and Television industry, presenting glasses on the faces of the biggest celebrities in some of the biggest shows working with Prop Masters and Costumers to find the perfect match for a show’s actor, and the character they are portraying. Working closely with leading managers and agents, Eye Candy Creations talent division provides service-intensive support to more than 200 personalities: from actors, musicians and producers to directors, screenwriters and novelists. We work with the hottest celebrities to navigate and build brand exposure through the eyewear we place on them. Our talent roster brings strong cachet to this agency, enhancing our media relationships and providing synergy with appropriate corporate clients.


Some people call us the “go to company for hard to find frames.” Did an actor just pick a pair of sunglasses that were made 10 years ago and are now discontinued? Lucky for you, we’ll hunt them down, ship ‘em out or deliver them direct!

AR Coating- Anti Reflection Coating is a thin film consisting of one or more layers of transparent material applied to lenses to reduce reflection.

Prescription Services- You provide an RX and we make it happen ASAP.

Specialty Tints- Any color you can dream up…

SPinhole Lenses- A lens that magnifies the eye with a small hole in the center for the actor to see clearly. This is custom fit per actor.

Edge Thickness- A thick lens that gives the appearance of a high prescription. (This does not affect your vision)

Consultations/Fittings- We sit with an actor, establish the look, discuss lens options , and make sure the frames are in adjustment.

Shipping- We ship to anywhere in the US upon approval AND OR one of our superb stylist are always on set for each taping to personally fit the eyewear for each scene that eyewear is needed.

Have your own frames that need AR Coated or specialty lenses? Well…we can do that too!


Eye Candy Creations represents high fashion, iconic and emerging brands, developing buzz worthy campaigns that achieve results and enhance pop culture relevance. We help our clients to build and maintain a compelling message, sparking a positive dialogue with consumers. We’ll help define who you are, put you in touch with your target audience and build long-term loyalty.


Our events department has developed, executed and publicized almost a hundred of celebrity soirees, charity fundraisers, and product launch parties, destination openings and more. We are attuned to the smallest detail of event logistics, with a strong level of advance planning and ground management. We work with our brands to create signature events and to integrate their products into sponsored event platforms. We open minds through grand experiences while keeping the focus on brand exposure.


No other medium moves as swiftly or extends the reach of a message further than digital media. We are distinguished by our in-house expertise to develop comprehensive social media solutions. Incorporating social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and beyond, our campaign services can help clients create regular and compelling digital outreach, develop interactive experiences, build online communities, activate prominent bloggers, even encourage leading influencers in providing brand support in the digital space. In this ever-changing medium, our team strives to guide our clients in new and emerging social media trends that will engage fans and help empower them to become brand ambassadors, helping to virally share your message and positive brand awareness via digital media.

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